De Techniek
De Techniek: Clutch and Gearbox
The Clutch
The engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a Crower 10-inch clutch. This clutch has 3
friction discs and is suitable to handle the high horsepower produced by the engine. (Using a single
disc clutch would mean that the clutch only slips because it cannot handle the power).
This clutch can be adjusted almost indefinitely, which makes it possible to anticipate to changing track
conditions. A "sticky" track demands a different clutch setting then a track that is "slick".
Gear box:
The gearbox is a Lenco 4-speed CS-2 gearbox that consists of basically 4 separate gearboxes bolded
Every gear has a separate section. The first unit (as seen from the back of the car) consists of the
neutral, reverse and first gear. The second, third and fourth unit are the  fourth, third and second gear
respectively. All units engaged means fourth gear. Every gear has its own lever to shift. Nowadays
Henri shifts on air and normaly the second gear is shifted within a second after launch.
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