De Techniek
De Techniek: Cockpit and Safety
The Cockpit
The cockpit is a very important part of the car. The driver is sitting in a roll cage, protecting him in case
of a collision. Furthermore all important instruments are placed
here , which are needed during the race. 
Just above the ground there are three pedals just like in an
ordinary car (clutch, brakes and throttle).  On the steering wheel,
there is a special button to lock the front wheels during (pre) stage.
In front of the driver, there are two lamps; one for the oil pressure
and one the so called shift light (the signal for the driver to shift
gears). Furthermore, on the right, all the switches for fuel pumps,
nitrous, water, ignition and the handles to operate the two
parachutes are located.
The most important subject in drag racing is safety. To guarantee the drivers safety, a lot of safety
measurements are applied: A safety blanket around engine and gearbox to protect the driver in case of
an explosion. The driver has to wear fire proof clothing and gloves; a neck brace and a helmet. 
Besides this,  the car has to be SFI approved. This means that for instance, the bell housing, the seat
bells, the steering wheel, the frame, the engine and the lenco blanket have to be inspected every year
and at every official event. Because of these safety rules and the safety of the track, drag racing is the
most safest motorized sport.
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