De Techniek
De Techniek: The Engine
The aluminum engine is made by Donavan and is strengthened where necessary. The dimensions of
the block are basically the same as that of a Chevrolet Big Block, with a cylinder capacity of 728 Cubic
inch (12,5 Liters). At 7800 RPM the engine gives 1289 Hp. It has one centrally located camshaft that
operates the rocker arms through push rods.
The intake manifold is hand built and made out of
sheet metal, on top of it rest two Holley Dominator
carburetors. Mounted on this manifold is the 3 stage
Nitrous Oxide System. Every stage adds another
300Hp, which brings the total to approximately 2000
Hp. The fuel used is unleaded VP-Racing Fuel.
The cylinder heads are Dart Big Chief Oldsmobile
heads with titanium valves and Jesel Rocker arms.
The engine is lubricated with MPM 20W-50 High
Performance multi grade oil, which is pumped
through the motor by a Moroso dry sump system.
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