Wat is Dragracen
Wat is Dragracen
Just after World War II, many car enthusiasts in the United States came on a quest to improve the
performance of their cars. Of course they wanted to test them against each other and drag racing was
born. After a few years racing on the streets, accompanied with the danger of these public streets,
they united themselves in the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association). In the sixties, drag racing came
to Europe, first England, then the Scandinavian countries, and is now a sport practiced all over
What is dragracing?
Simply stated a drag race is a straight-line acceleration contest (run) between two cars over a quarter
mile (402 meters) to see which car can reach the finish-line first. During the first day of an event, the
qualification races are held in which the elapsed time (ET) determines the racers position for the next
day. The second day ( final) the opponents are racing in a tournament-style elimination system.
Winners from each round of racing advance to the next round until only two cars remain for a final
round match up. The cars practicing drag racing are divided in several different classes. Henri
Joosten, with his Chevrolet Bel Air '55 races in the Pro Modified Class.The spectacular character of
each run of which the audience can see everything from start until finish, makes drag racing a very
spectators-friendly sport. During the races, the spectators can go to the pits, make photographs, ask
questions of the crew and what so on. (They may even compliment the crew for it's achievements).
This kind of contact makes drag racing a very attractive sport both for participants and spectators.
The race
The race proceeds according a specific pattern. Before the run begins, the drivers perform a so called
"burn-out" needed to heat the wide, slick tires, to obtain more grip. They drive back to
the beginning of the track and are ready to start.
The start itself is a complete different story. Before the drivers accelerate away from the
start line they have to follow a specific procedure. Between the two lanes there is a so
called "christmas tree". This tree contains several lights; two white and three yellow, a
green and a red one. One set for each driver.
The drivers slowly pull up until the first white light is lit. This is called "pre-stage". When
both drivers are in pre-stage they pull up until the next white light is lit. Now they are in
"stage". Shortly after both drivers are in stage the three yellow lights switch on,
immediately followed by the green light. At this point, the drivers leave. When one of the
drivers leaves early, the red light on his side of the track lights, and the driver is
disqualified. If this happens during qualifying, the driver will not obtain a time and the run is not valid.
During the elimination system on the final day, the driver is disqualified.
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